Minutes of March 6, 2019



Call to order:  7:00pm                                              


Officers Present:  Casey, Steve and Bruce


The Financial Report was given by Casey Anderson


We welcomed a New Member Mr. Adrian Hood


Steve sent a signed contract to 3D for Cruise Night 2019 which will be Friday, June 14th.


It was announced the J. C. Whitney car show will be May 5th.


CarStar is interested in sponsoring our Cruise Night flyers.  Motion to accept by Dave Swartz, seconded by Jerry Eich.  Motion carried.


Cruise Night entrance fees to remain at $10.00.  Status of Jefferson Street for Cruise Night 2019?  Ok for 2019.


The situation of the vacant Vice President position deferred to the March 20th meeting.  


Brought up by Dave Swartz is who to consider for the Beneficiary for 2019 Friendship Village?


Sponsorship Sheets Randy Mitchell to update.


50/50 tickets handed out to those wanting.


Adjourned: 7:44pm