La Salle County Cruisers 

Minutes of Nov 20, 2019 





Meeting called to Order:  7:08 pm                         



Officers Present:  Casey, Steve, Jerry and Bruce  


Financial Report:

No new report, same as November 6th.   


A presentation was given by Casey Anderson.  He showed and explained his smoke generator, used to test for engine valve cover, intake manifold leaks, exhaust leaks, and other uses.  


Jerry reported on the 3 wheeled bikes presentation at Friendship Village.   Also, they expressed interest in putting on a car show there and if we could give any assistance.  No commitments were made. 


Jerry also reported there may be no more J. C. Whitney car shows!  


There was discussion of the Frank deMichael auction.  There was also discussion of the Jim Boe collection.  


Next Business Meeting: The first Wednesday of March, 2020. 


“Social” Meeting 2nd Wednesday of Jan, (8th).  Randy to email. 



Meeting Adjourned: 7:50pm