Minutes of July 18, 2018



Called to Order: 7:05pm                                                                      Attendance: 13

Officers Present:  Casey, Mike, Bruce


Minutes of June 20th read.


Financial Report:  Casey Anderson presented the 2018 Ottawa Cruise Night Results balance sheet.

All on track with the Bank, Casey now on all the accounts.


Mike: The check sent to the Papineau family returned (donated) by Don Papineau to the club.


Riverfest Car Show Discussion:

Trophies to be checked on.  Porta Potties Mike Dougherty to arrange?   Mike Wasilewski has the car show signs.  Show Hours:  8am 3pm.  Mike Dougherty mentioned the Sunday Riverfest schedule includes the Parade and Flea Market only, other than our car show. The old Central School parking lot location out of the question.


Shows coming up. Marseilles, Sat 21st.  George Lamb announced a car show at Wisconsin Dells, sponsored by Nickey Chevrolet.  For Sept 28th 30thBruce Young announced the Annual Byron Meltdown is Friday through Sunday, July 20th -22nd.  River Rescue, - coming up.


Mike Wasilewski to check with Mike Dougherty on Riverfest Awards, dash Plaques and the River Rescue cooking.  Mike also brought in to hand out old excess dash plaques, LaSalle County Cruisers business cards plus jackknives.


Beneficary for 2018 discussion: Casey Anderson put forward an idea of a scholarship or similar?  Something to promote our club and hobby, possibly complimentary memberships?


Adjourn:  7:05PM      Drawing: #20.  Gary Wasilewski, not present.