Minutes to April 4, 2018 Meeting

                              Attendance: 14


Officers Present:  Casey, Steve and Bruce


Minutes of March 21 meeting read and corrected.


Partial Financial Report:  Still a problem with changing name on checking acct.


Cruise night 2018 Music will be by 3D Sound.


Car Show 2018 Music and registration / paperwork by Center Stage


Car show to be in the Riverfest pamphlet.


Motion by Mike Dougherty that we have the same number of awards for the car show as last year. Seconded by Dave Swartz.



Hours for Car show 8:00 - 3:00, awards at 2:30. Registration: 8:00 -12:00.


Steve:  Cruise Night: 1000 50/50 tickets ordered.  To be here for May 2 meeting.  Can then be sold immediately, do not have to be present to win.


Starved Rock Harley to participate in Cruise Night.


Spring Cruise:  Postponed due to weather. 


Mike Dougherty stated the next city committee meeting that will discuss Cruise Night is April 19th.


On Sponsorship requests: discussion on need to not duplicate requests.


                                                                Drawing #15 - George Lamb

Adjourned: 7:45pm                                    Not present, rollover