Minutes of March 21, 2018                                                      Attendance – 8


Officers Present: Steve, Bruce 


Minutes of March 7 read and corrected.


No Financial Report


Steve – contract for Cruise Night DJ (3D Sound) has been signed. 


John Maltas being considered as DJ including registration and vote tally for August car show. 

Followed by Car Show discussion


Per Mike Dougherty Riverfest committee wants a report from us on our Car Show intentions.  “Tabled” to April 4?

Ottawa High parking lot as a future year Car Show location ?


Request for a extra Cruise Night funds has been submitted to city.  It has been reported that Riverfest may have a smaller budget this year.


Call was made for members to please get 2018 Sponsorships.


Spring cruise.  On a Sunday?  1 stop – Oglesby for Lunch?


Skydive Chicago show, - June 3rd.  They have requested help with parking.  Discussions on other upcoming shows. 


2 drawings: #1. For March 7 - John Maltas - Present at that meeting so will receive 50%.   #2. March 21st  Drawing  - Ed Barry. Not present.


Meeting adjourned 7:40 PM